What Is Google Drive? How Google Drive Works?

Today the memories of mobile and non-mobile devices are put to the test by increasingly heavy and bulky files, programs, and applications, which can jeopardize the performance of these devices. Fortunately, for some years now, the cloud services in which to save these contents have multiplied, and today even those less accustomed to technology use them almost daily.

How Google Drive works

In fact, some of these services are now firmly integrated into the operating systems of the most disparate devices; It slopes for example to iCloud of Apple, OneDrive from Microsoft for computers Windows and Google Drive as regards the Android device.
In this article I will talk to you about what Google Drive is and how it works, also focusing on the main features of this technology.

What is Google Drive and how it works

Google Drive is Big G’s cloud storage service, which will allow you to upload files, images, videos, documents, backups, and any other content to the American giant’s servers. Google documents, integrated into Google Drive, is one of the most used tools as an alternative to Microsoft Office.


Google Drive Edition

This is a very useful technology as it allows you to free up memory in the storage of your devices first of all, and in addition, you will be able to access these files practically wherever you are (as long as you have an internet connection) .

The advantage of using Drive over many other similar services is certainly the fact that 15 GB of free space is made available for free for any Google account.
This is a more than good quantity, as long as you don’t load movies or particularly heavy files; you can, in any case, expand the memory by joining Google One, that is to say, one of the premium plans of the service with costs starting from € 19.99 per year for 100 GB of storage and other interesting features.

Another aspect to consider is the interaction with Google Photos. For some time now, uploading images through Drive is no longer free (not even for low-resolution content), and consequently uploading images to Google Photos will affect the space available on the “cloud”.

  • This is an issue to pay close attention to, especially if you intend to upload your photos in large quantities.
  • In this regard, I invite you to take a look at my article in which I explain how to backup on Google Photos.

Create a Google Drive account

Google Drive

6Once you’ve defined the service and explained how Google Drive works, it’s time to tell you how to create a Google Drive account.

  • As with most online platforms, even on the cloud service of the Mountain View giant, it is necessary to register to use the service itself.
  • The good news, however, is that there will be no need to create a specific account for Google Drive, but just use your Gmail- branded e-mail address.

In fact, each Google account is equipped with certain services and benefits, and among these, there is the possibility of uploading a number of files and data equal to 15 GB on the servers of Big G, all for free. If the storage available is not enough, then I refer you to the previous paragraph in which I also show you what Google One is and how it works, in order to inform you about the premium plans.

In conclusion, to use Google Drive there is no need to create a special account, but simply connect to the site or to the relevant app by authenticating with your Google credentials.

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