How To Use Google Translate?

Learning a new language is always an exciting and engaging activity. Probably you too feel great satisfaction in understanding the text of one of your favorite songs, or perhaps in being able to watch a film or a TV series in the original language, or in reading a book in English or in any case in a language other than Italian.

How to best use Google Translate

Clearly, when you are in the learning phase, you will come across some term that you have never heard before, or some expression that may have a certain meaning in the language you are studying but which is different from the one in Italian.

There are tools that allow you to “accompany” the study of a foreign language, just to meet you in case of difficulty. One of the most famous and used is undoubtedly Google Translate (Google Translate), one of the many services that the Mountain View giant makes available for free.

Google Translate is a very popular tool, both for its ease of use and for the ability to translate into over one hundred languages. However, if you have never heard of it, you may need some suggestions to start your experience with this service, available not only from PC but also as an app for smartphones and tablets.

But that’s not all, since even the most “savvy” with Google Translate may not know that the service offers many interesting features, such as translation by framing the text of interest with the camera of your smartphone.

But let’s go step by step: in the next paragraph, I will introduce you to Google Translate, explaining all the steps to use it at its best.

How to use Google Translate

Let’s start by saying that Google Translate is available as a free app for Android smartphones and tablets, but also for iPhone and iPad. Therefore you will not have to worry about the operating system of your device since the tool will allow you to always enjoy the same quality level.

Translation of a written text

Let’s now come to the “main dish”: how do you use Google Translate? You will certainly find the operation of this service very simple since all you have to do is set the languages ​​(from the source one to the desired one for the translation), write the word, phrase, or text in question, and press on the button indicated for translation.

Tips How To Use Google Translate

For text insertion, on Android the key is “Touch to type the text”, on iOS it is “Insert text”. You will see the translation appear automatically as you type it and you can also consult some alternative translations. In addition, Google Translate also allows you to listen to the pronunciation of the translated word (just click on the megaphone symbol), in order to improve this aspect in your language study as well.

Finally, with the “Freehand” option (on iOS it is called “Handwriting”) the Google Translate app allows you to enter the word or text to be translated by writing it by hand on the screen of your device.

Text detection and translation from the smartphone camera

As I mentioned earlier, one of the “goodies” of Google Translate consists precisely in the possibility of translating the text from the smartphone camera. In fact, you must know that Google Translate provides you with this feature or the Camera mode. But how is it used?

best ways to use Google Translate

All you have to do is click on the Camera item that you can easily find on the main application screen, then click on Continue, and finally on Allow / OK. At this point, you will have to frame the word or text you are interested in translating with the camera of your smartphone or tablet, using the Snapshot option: in this way you can enjoy the translation in real-time, which will appear on the screen of your device.

In addition, with the Import option located at the bottom right, you can select a specific image, scan it, and indicate with your finger the text in the image you are interested in translating. If, on the other hand, you want to translate the entire text, just click on Select all.

How to use Google Translate in Conversation mode

You can also use the Google Translate app in conversation mode to translate a discussion with another person who doesn’t speak your language in real-time. After clicking on the Conversation option and then on Allow /, OK, the application will use the microphone and speaker of your device to translate a speech by voice and in real-time.

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