Janta Jal Yojana 2021

Janta Jal Yojana is the drinking water scheme of the Public Health Engineering Department, which after preparation by the Public Health Engineering Department is handed over to voluntary organizations/NGOs/Gram Panchayats for the operation of the scheme. Today we are going to give you detailed information about Janta Yojana. If you are also interested to know about this scheme then read this article completely. By which you will get information about this scheme and your knowledge will also increase.

Janta Jal Yojana

We try to give you complete information about all government schemes on our website. Today we will tell you about the Janta Jal Yojana which has been started by the Government of Rajasthan. For complete information about Janata Jal Yojana, you have to read the entire article carefully so that you can also take advantage of this scheme.

Janta Jal Yojana is those drinking water schemes of the Public Health Engineering Department, which after preparation by the Public Health Engineering Department have been handed over to Gram Panchayats for operation. According to the Finance Department’s Note dated 1.11.10, the grant due for the operation of these schemes is being given directly from April 1, 2011, in the budget item 2515 of the Panchayati Raj Department.

Except for Bikaner and Jaisalmer districts, 6523 public water schemes are being operated in 222 Panchayat Samitis of the remaining 31 districts, in which 7301 part-time pump drivers are working. These schemes are being operated by the Gram Panchayat.

Benefits of Janta Jal Yojana

At present, the following grants are being given by the state government for the operation and maintenance of the schemes.

Pay Bill For Janta Jal Yojna

Electricity cost – On the basis of actual consumption, the full amount is being given for electricity expenditure.
Pump Operation Workers (Part-Time Workers) – For pump operation Rs 83/- per day basis (maximum for 26 days) – total amount Rs 2158/- per source is being paid per month.
Maintenance & Repair-
The amount for submersible pump repair is Rs.400/- per horsepower, per year.
1000/- per set for monoblock pump is being made available every year through Panchayat Samiti.
New Guidelines – At present, the departmental circular number F 165 (07) has been directed to make payment by Prvi/SFC/IV/2013-14/13116 dated 30.3.15.

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