How to Recover Whatsapp Chats?

The most popular messaging application in the world is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Today it is used to exchange any type of message, from simple conversations with friends or relatives to important business discussions.
Having almost completely replaced the SMS function, the platform’s chats are among the most important means of communication, and consequently, collect a lot of information or even memories.

How to recover Whatsapp chats

But what happens if we accidentally or intentionally delete the messages from the application and then want to retrieve them later? Fortunately, the solution is there, and it is linked to the platform’s backup system that saves conversations on certain servers or even in the device’s memory.
In this article, I will explain how to recover WhatsApp chats.

Retrieve archived WhatsApp chats

It often happens that you no longer need conversations with some people, perhaps because they have been contacted by mistake or for a temporary period. Consequently, the first form of elimination of WhatsApp chats consists in archiving the same conversations. In this way, the messages will not be deleted, but the chats with those certain contacts will no longer appear within the app.

But what if we want to retrieve that conversation?

As mentioned, the archiving operation does not permanently delete the chats, consequently, the recovery of the latter is really very simple.
So here are the steps to follow to recover deleted WhatsApp chats:

  • Open the WhatsApp application from your device;
  • Select the Archived (n) option;
  • At this point, press and hold on to the chat you want to recover, and click on the archive icon at the top right
  • The recovered chat will be visible again in your conversations.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

We have therefore seen how to recover deleted WhatsApp conversations. Conversely, a little more complex speech should be made for messages sent and received within the same chats. It often happens that you delete sensitive or offensive messages, but for some reason, you want to retrace your steps and retrieve them. In this case, the only plausible solution is to restore the most recent WhatsApp message backup.

In this regard, I invite you to take a look at the article in which I explain how the backup of WhatsApp chats works, in which you will find a lot of information about it. In any case, to recover WhatsApp messages via backup, it is obviously necessary that the aforementioned messages have been deleted before the backup itself, otherwise, you will have to wait for the next one. Therefore, first of all, I recommend that you check the frequency of the WhatsApp chats backup that you have set in the app settings.

In any case, to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp you will then have to uninstall the application, download and reinstall it, and finally, restore the most recent backup when prompted during the configuration phase.
If the messages in question were to be in the time period relating to that particular backup, then these will be recovered within the respective chats.


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