How to See Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram Stories are always very popular and are often used to show followers moments of their lives, landscapes, and panoramas, even enriching them with slogans, emojis, and a beautiful song. Furthermore, Stories are also a vehicle for communicating something, a thought, a feeling, or an opinion.

See Instagram Stories

Over time, the “Stories” were also introduced on Facebook, but those of Instagram continue to have a dominant role. Probably you too, from time to time, publish a Story or in any case tend to view those of the profiles you follow. And perhaps you too, sometimes, you will have asked yourself the fateful question: “How can I view a Story without the person in question noticing?”.

Maybe you don’t want your ex or your ex to know that you still have feelings, or you like someone but being too shy makes you want to remain anonymous. The reasons for wanting to look at the stories of others without being “noticed” can be different; how to do it then?

You may not know it, but there are some apps and web services that allow you to view Instagram Stories guaranteeing you total anonymity. Plus, you can also try a technique that doesn’t involve installing apps, but I’ll tell you about that later. For the moment I want to go and describe the best apps to watch Stories anonymously, always keeping in mind that you can only do it with the Instagram Stories of public profiles.

Save Stories, the Android App to view Instagram Stories anonymously

If you have an Android phone, the best way to watch Instagram Stories of someone you follow is the Save Stories app, which is available in a free format. However, I must warn you that the free version includes advertising bans: if you really can’t stand them, you can buy the paid version.

View Instagram Stories

Download the app from the Google Play Store, install it, open it and check the appropriate box to accept the Privacy Terms. Click on Agree and then on Login with Instagram, then click on Accept to have access to your Instagram profile.

At this point, you just have to search for the profile of the person you are interested in, by writing his username (without the @) in the text field that will appear after pressing the magnifying glass icon.

Storized, the iPhone App to view Instagram Stories anonymously

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, the best advice I can give you is to download the Storized app for Instagram. The mechanism is always the same since this application will allow you to view the Stories of the people you follow on Instagram while maintaining anonymity.


Also in this case you can decide whether to make yourself the free version (downloadable from the Apple Store) or whether to equip yourself with the paid version that allows you to do without advertising.

Even with Storied for Instagram, you will have to search for the person in question by writing the username (in this case looking for it with the @) in the appropriate text field. Find the profile you are looking for, click on it, tap on the Stories tab and check for new content. If so, click Preview to watch them anonymously.

Other Apps to see Instagram Stories while maintaining anonymity

Save Stories and Storized for Instagram are not enough for you and you want to know other applications to be able to evaluate which one can really do for you? No problem: below I describe two more.

Story Saver for Instagram

This application, which you can easily find on the Google Play Store, allows you to watch the Stories of the Instagram profiles you follow anonymously and also to save photos and videos on the device you use. You will simply have to log into your Instagram profile: don’t worry, anonymity in viewing the Stories is guaranteed.

Story Saver

Story Saver works exactly like Story Saver for Instagram, with the only difference being that this app is for iOS and iPadOS – in short, you can consider it a great alternative if you own an iPhone or iPad. I forgot it is paid.

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