Whataburger Customer Survey Guide

The main aim of this Whataburger Customer Satisfaction Survey is to carry out a customer survey. Through this whataburger survey, to identify the influence of differences in the culture, on the success of multinational food retailing.

Whataburger Visit Survey

This whole Whataburger Feedback Survey is carried either to prove or disprove that people are willing to accept local menu items along with the standard menu items being offered by Whataburger in its several restaurants across the globe.

Objectives of Whataburger Survey

There is a cost related to every action a company takes, so everything they do has a reason. So, a company has objectives for everything you do. So, let’s have a look at the objectives of Whataburger behind this survey:

  • To get to know the customer’s point of view, how they judge the services of the restaurant they went to.
  • To ensure that they are satisfying their needs and expectations. But to fulfill their expectations, they need
  • to know what the expectations are in the first place. And to know the expectations, a survey is the best method.
  • To help the restaurant improve various aspects of it by knowing what the customer thinks about it.
  • This survey also helps the management to figure out how a store is performing.
  • If something goes wrong, customers can help throw light at it and the problem can be dealt with at the management level itself.

Survey Participation Instructions

Whataburger Survey

  • Visit the official Whataburger website – – from your laptop or smartphone.
  • The homepage will allow you to change the language of the survey. Just look for the Spanish option at the bottom.
  • Enter the unique survey code found on your Whataburger receipt. It will be around 18 digits long.
  • The survey questionnaire, easy as it gets, will be loaded. Rest assured that it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to answer it.
  • As soon as you submit the WhataburgerExperience survey after typing in your email ID, you will receive the unique coupon code in your inbox. Note it down to avail of the free Whataburger at your nearest outlet!

Whataburger Survey Rewards

Taking the survey not only let the management know about various issues, but it is also an opportunity for you to have one of their burgers for free. Yes, every time you take time to fill in the survey questions, you win a coupon to redeem on your next visit for a free burger.

As you shall read below, you need your receipt to take the survey. The questions are simple and straightforward to answer. It takes you less time to finish and once you do, they send you a coupon code that you redeem to get a free burger. What is amazing is that you can do this as many times as you can for as long as you have a receipt.

It is a way of appreciating you for taking the time and effort to give your feedback. If you dine regularly at your nearest Whataburger, it’s a time you start the survey to in your next burger. All you have to do is buy a medium fry and drink when redeeming the coupon for a free burger.

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